1948 - Born Salisbury, S Rhodesia.
48-61 - Lived in Beira, Mozambique
1955 - Eagle School, Vumba Mountains, Near Umtali, S Rhodesia
1961 - Bembridge School, Isle-of-Wight - 8 x O's and 3 x A's - '63+'64 bands "Deadbeats" and "Roadrunners"
1965 - St Martin's School of Art, Charing Cross Road, London - bands "Roadrunners" and "Aktivation"
1968 - 8 weeks work experience in IBM Audio-Visual Dept who sponsored 10 minute cartoon film in last year
1969 - DipAD - Freelance illustration, bookjackets, etc, plus 3 days/week designer-animator at MacMillan Films
1971 - Designer-animator at Pearce Studios - married - Director of Pearce Studios - company became Limited
1972 - MD Pearce Studios Ltd
1973 - Birth of Daughter
1975 - Birth of Son
1980 - Designed and carried out (with the team - see "HITCH-HIKERS" section) 45 minutes of animated graphics for BBC's "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
1981 - BAFTA graphics and D&AD silver for "Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy". Purchased and installed Prime computer running Medusa 3D to service technical animation and commercials. This was one of only 3 doing this work in England (one of which was at Imperial College)
1985 - Designed and carried out computer animation for the Channel 4 50 minute feature "Max Headroom - the movie" - BAFTA graphics - Reduced Pearce Studios Ltd to one-man-band working from a barn
1990 - Developed software to port data modelled and animated with Medusa on the Prime to external TDI Explore system for lighting and rendering
1991 - Hung an Apple running RenderMan off the Prime to replace external TDI production route
1992 - More video work - less film. Expanded Apple systems - added Beta SP
1994 - Last use of a paintbrush commercially - De-comissioned 35-16mm rostrum camera, darkroom and Prime system (into a skip !) - work now completely in-house on networked Macs
1996 - IVCA gold (Best Graphics) for Airbus "Sending Signals"
1999 - IVCA nomination and ETMA graphics craft for "Strength in Depth"
2000 - "In Concert", produced by Wren productions for Airbus (most of which is animated graphics) wins bronze at the US International Film and video Festival in Chicago
2003 - IVCA Bronze (Graphic craft) for Airbus "Versatile Airlifter"
2005 - "Hitch-Hiker" web game for Radio4 Interactive wins Interactive BAFTA