Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
graphics from the BBC TV series

A3 and 7"x5" digital prints from multi-exposed 35mm film taken in 1981 are available via the button top right. Some prints are reconstructed using scans from artwork.

Also via buttons on the right you can find a bit of background info, a bit about the individual members of the team, previous mailings and join the H2G2 mailing list.

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   H2G2 A3 prints   from original 35mm negs
   Some background info
   The animation team
   Read previous H2G2 mailings
   Join the H2G2 mailing list
   Radio4 web game   graphics only - 3.6 Mb
   BBC   Hitch Hiker gallery
   BBC   Web game
   YouTube   Interview - BTTV
   YouTube   Interview - RETRO-SPECTIVE
   Text   Interview by  NICHOLAS BOTTI